for the BEES!

The spring sunshine is finally bringing us some heat and everything is growing so lush and green right now.  Flowers all seem to be blooming at once and amongst the bright petals I can hear happy buzzing — it seems the bees are just as happy as we are to finally feel proof that winter is over!  Even though spring seems to have only just begun, somehow summer seems to be nearly here.  Today we went swimming in the sea (first dip of the year!) and later I enjoyed a lazy tea on my deck, damselflies and dragonflies zooming all around.  For dinner we enjoyed a BBQ (on the deck again!) with baby birds chirping in the birdhouse above our heads and hummingbirds keeping us company.  It really does feel like summer….a trick, I know, as June is quite often cool and wet on our island.  But today I am am enjoying this little gift of sunshine!  One can almost forget that tomorrow we all have school and work to return to….

….and meanwhile, while we are working away, so are the bees!  I finished this piece this week in their honour!  Words taken from a vintage children’s book of poems seem to fit the mood, don’t you think?

gathering roses

You can see this wee piece in person at a SWEET group art show here on Gabriola Island.  FOR THE BEES is on display now until June 17th at  Hive Emporium.  Why not stop by and take a moment to see how we have been inspired to pay tribute to these important animals?

spring sacs

I have been having a little fun with spring sewing!  I popped these spring sacs in the mail for my niece and nephew just in time for Easter. What a fun way to use up small pieces of favourite fabrics! A perfect project for my 8 year old to help with.  We will have post again when we find time for her to help make her very own little bag for toting around snacks, art supplies, books and bits of nature treasures collected on the go.  So love this time of year with its creative bursts of energy.

P.S. both of these sweet fabrics are by Sarah Jane (an artist whose work I adore).

spring sewingmy little helper

hello spring

After weeks of frog song and a dash of summer-like sunshine (bare-toed beach picnics included), I was more than ready to welcome SPRING today!  How lucky I am to have a job that includes field work, especially on this first day that needs to be spent outdoors.  A beach seine with a dozen students (waders helped with the torrential rain) and a creek walk with fellow colleagues and fellow Streamkeepers volunteers too (mud on my boots, still wet and cold from the morning session but bubbling with excitement of plans to help the creek). Then home, exhausted, a grumpy re-entry…..balance found again with a home cooked meal thanks to my man and an after dinner spring painting session with my girl. I just peeled the paper snowflakes off the windows to make room for the new art, the new energy, the new season.  Here’s hoping it will be full of lush new growth for all of us!  Hello spring, I am so ready for you!

spring coloursshe repeatedly tiptoed out into the wet spring grass to get a closer look at the daffodilpainting in spring!why hello there!complete with little ladybug


smile!The sun has been shining, the frogs have been singing and I find myself smiling a bit more freely….here’s a peek of a piece I made around this time last year when I was signed up for Lifebook 2014.  I  still have so many weekly assignments left to do and this time of year is when I seem to feel most inspired to create….maybe I will get some painting done this week. I have been getting some sewing done and will post about that soon.  As spring approaches, I hope you too will feel your creative batteries recharging.


spring is in the air

Last week our family went on a working holiday to Victoria (Dimitri was doing training for the Fire Department and we were going along to play).  What a treat to see the cherry trees in full bloom and sunny blue skies every day!  Some afternoons it even warmed up enough for bare toes and t-shirts on the beach!  Oh I needed that…five days of relaxing and being goofy, away from the responsibilities of home and work.  Time to lollygag and time connecting with friends.  Un-rushed cups of tea, girls napping in sunbeams with cat kisses, shopping for new clothes (the kids were spoiled by their Auntie at Abra-Kid-Abra and I spoiled myself at Smoking Lily….oh how I love my new duds – some groovy organic tees, the chic octopus backed cardigan, and the incredible CeCe dress too), gourmet dinners on the town (thank you Karen and Dennis), beach walks every day, putt-putt boat adventures with seals and gelato, hotel pool mermaids splashing with huge smiles, even a beach picnic dinner (so lovely dear Gina).  To add to the perfection. we capped off the visit with a cheesecake lunch — I think that might have been the best cheesecake I have ever had! For those that know me and how much I love cheesecake, you are probably trying to figure out how to get an invite to my friend Karen’s table right now!

We definitely kicked off spring a bit early (as I think they always do in Victoria) and so enjoyed our “southern” holiday!  Now we are home to the rain and a fire in our woodstove, but those tree frogs are singing LOUD and reminding me that spring is coming soon to our little island too.  I am so grateful for this time of year that brings with it so much energy for new growth.  It is a particularly creative time for me and so I hope to have some actual TIME to be creative during the coming weeks.  Here’s hoping you will also enjoy the magic of SPRING!

cherry blossoms in full bloom in cadboro bay 20140310_46480br 20140313_46643 sunbeam quiet on the putt putt, heading for gelato20140310_46414br3 20140310_46418 20140310_46423 20140310_46397

beach log game20140312_4657120140313_46686