on this day…royalty reigns

On this day, one year ago, we were visiting Versailles and walking through the palace and gardens of royalty from days gone by.  On this day, 14 years ago, our puppy Luna was born.  On this day, today, we treat her as the queen she is with homemade dog treats to snack on while she reclines on our (new to us) royal couch.  Seems fitting that today was also a day to finish a painting complete with party flags and the words “WE ARE SO GOOD TOGETHER”!  Yes…YES, we are!!  P.S. I just noticed one of the floors at Versailles is very much the same as the floors our fancy couch sit on.  This day is certainly a regal one!  Now if only my kitchen table looked like this one….Ah well, at least I have my very own Prince Charming (and three sweet princesses)!

so good togetherparty in the gardens awaits.....hide and go seek in the garden mazesposerclassic beautiesroom to run in swirls!princessesbirthday candles for Lunacheckered floorour own checkered floor and royal  coucha royal day!look what card came in the mail thsi week a royal treata fancy tablemy prince charming

on this day

on this day, one year ago, we were on our way to Paris…..by road and train and lots of excitement…..there was even a parade en route that was for everyone who celebrated a decade milestone birthday that year (10, 20, 30, 40…..up to 90)….how perfect given I had just celebrated my birthday and Dimitri and I fit into the special 40th year section of the parade!!! The super fast TGV could barely keep up with the pace of my beating heart and the rainy streets that greeted up could not dampen our spirits as we got ready for a couple days of romance in the city of love!

on y va!parade for us!!travelling in style on the TGVso fast...ticket to ride, gifts from friends accompany mefirst glimpse of Paris....she looks back at us!I am HERE!looking for our apartment in Le Maraisdinner for twopuppies tooour first paris dessertour sweet apartmentplanning the next day with tea and much anticipation!

{ single moment }

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savour and remember. Inspired by Soulemama.  birthday cake with dad and cait ...the celebration continues!

Please feel free to share your photographic moments, leave a link in the comments section for all to find and see.

artist of the month !

Guess who is the artist of the month for September at the Old Crow Cafe here on my little island?  I am so happy to say that yours truly has filled the art wall at this fabulous and funky cafe with a bunch of new art!  The theme of the show was inspired by a commission I have been working on for ages (you have seen it before here), a piece that makes me think of summer nights and play.  It reminded me that September really is the twilight of summer and so I went with that.  I painted some more evening sparkly sky and moon pieces (oh those big bright moons this summer had us all out late didn’t they!?), added a dash of inspirational art in similar blue tones, tossed in a collage in honour of so many visitors and feasts (including a pie party), added a couple of oyster catchers (I have been inspired by them all summer and they have waited patiently for me to bring them to life on the canvas), and topped it off with a “rain meets the sea” painting in honour of that touch of much needed rain we got last week.

Et voila, THE TWILIGHT OF SUMMER is on display for all to enjoy as we enjoy these last days in the twilight of the summer of 2014.  Won’t you please drop by the Old Crow Cafe and take a peek while you enjoy some great food!?!   P.S.  I already have a few red dots, so get there soon if you want to buy something (tee hee).

IMG_7484br finally finished it!!!are you smiling yet?love this one!!beach feet 2014feast on fruits and cakes in progresssnacktimeon the wall at the OLD CROW CAFE on Gabriola Island message of the month

harvest time

Oh I love this time of year, when the local harvest is in full swing (and my tummy is full of the goodness).  Here’s a few photos of the bounty we are enjoying right now….peas from our neighbourfreshly delivered from the okanaganflowers from Mamie's gardenlettuce from our gardencherries direct from the okanaganpie makers....celebrating the harvest with a pie partywe celebrated the harvest with a pie party

We celebrated the harvest with a pie party! Hope you are also enjoying all the local, organic food! Now if only Dimitri could catch a salmon (or two)…

flowers from Jane's garden

All the bounty is inspiring this painting (in progress)….and so many fruit crumbles (peach and blackberry yesterday, apple and blackberry the day before).  Those were eaten before any photos could be taken.  We love the REBAR recipe here.

feast on fruits and cakes in progress