eggs eggs eggs

Is anyone planning anything special with some eggs this week?  Decorating? Yummy baking? Favourite breakfasts?  I’d love if you would share your plans!

baking old school 20130004

P.S. this mixed media painting on linen canvas is for sale (in case you are looking for spring gift ideas, or perhaps Mother’s Day)

hello spring

After weeks of frog song and a dash of summer-like sunshine (bare-toed beach picnics included), I was more than ready to welcome SPRING today!  How lucky I am to have a job that includes field work, especially on this first day that needs to be spent outdoors.  A beach seine with a dozen students (waders helped with the torrential rain) and a creek walk with fellow colleagues and fellow Streamkeepers volunteers too (mud on my boots, still wet and cold from the morning session but bubbling with excitement of plans to help the creek). Then home, exhausted, a grumpy re-entry…..balance found again with a home cooked meal thanks to my man and an after dinner spring painting session with my girl. I just peeled the paper snowflakes off the windows to make room for the new art, the new energy, the new season.  Here’s hoping it will be full of lush new growth for all of us!  Hello spring, I am so ready for you!

spring coloursshe repeatedly tiptoed out into the wet spring grass to get a closer look at the daffodilpainting in spring!why hello there!complete with little ladybug


smile!The sun has been shining, the frogs have been singing and I find myself smiling a bit more freely….here’s a peek of a piece I made around this time last year when I was signed up for Lifebook 2014.  I  still have so many weekly assignments left to do and this time of year is when I seem to feel most inspired to create….maybe I will get some painting done this week. I have been getting some sewing done and will post about that soon.  As spring approaches, I hope you too will feel your creative batteries recharging.


send them some love

It seems my secret plot is working!  My hope that by making my art into cards, more people will send real mail!  My cards are selling fast at two local shops (Artzi Stuff in Nanaimo and Village Foods here on Gabriola).  Tonight I am packaging up some new cards to take to the stores and hoping that this is not just a Valentine’s trend, that people will continue to share their love and words through mail, real old fashioned mail.

This week we mailed off our own love notes to our family, including my grandparents.  I enclosed some old photos to honour their love, a love so big that it still holds them together in their nineties.  Even as my Granny’s mind cannot remember what day it is or where she is, she knows my Grandpa.  To her, he still is “such a great dancer….such a dreamboat”. Though she no longer writes to us, she still gets joy from our notes and photos.  She cannot navigate a phone or computer anymore, but she can still hold our letters in her hands & “hear” our stories through our words.  All thanks to good old-fashioned mail.

my grandparents, now in their  nineties

Yes, I will continue to hope that my plot to keep real mail alive will work.  I hope that when I am old and grey there will be letters and photos coming to me from my far flung family.  I know I will continue to write to them as long as I am able.

P.S.  Don’t you think this new card design is perfect for Valentine’s Day?  I am pretty sure that oystercatchers exchange periwinkles with their loved ones…..they seem to be the perfect intertidal bonbon!

morning snack