send your love

I am wrapping up homemade gifts this week and sending them off in the mail.  One present will surely keep them smiling all through 2015.  Don’t you think my year at a glance calendars look great wrapped in a ribbon and topped off with a little tag made by Thorne Crate Company? Send someone you love this little reminder that you are thinking of them all through the year.  Available at Artzi Stuff in Nanaimo, online in my etsy shop or contact me for local delivery! Just ten bucks each, why not get one for yourself too?

wrap up some best wishes for 2015P.S.  These calendars are eco-friendly too…..printed locally on 100% recycled paper!

P.P.S.  You gotta check out the selection of stunning gift crates from my friend Allana at Thorne Crate Company!! Filled with locally made creations!!

when it snows, they craft!

Lucky's First Snowyipeeeeeee

A surprise snowfall last weekend meant two full days of tobogganing and giggly snow play and busy evenings crafting by the fire.  My hubby had just put the outdoor lights up the day before the snow came, so the effect was complete and the mood was officially set for Christmas “elving”.  How sweet to see my girls embrace the spirit of giving and the joy of the white stuff.  The cold weather keep the snow around for 5 days and the girls spent hours each night (and early morning) making Christmas cards and needle felting ornaments….a little festive embroidery too!  The snow melted quickly today but I hope our Christmas spirit will stay going strong.  My girls are now hoping we get a white Christmas! I am sure our puppy would love more too (though I hope he is better trained by the next snowfall, walking him on those icy roads can be a bit wild).

in the mood for christmas cardslet the holiday baking begintime to make some holiday ornaments...these created by my youngest

P.S.   There is one more Christmas wish around here….someone wants her “two front teeth”, but mainly so she can eat apples straight on the core again!

all I want for christmas....


painting love

when there are no words, when someone is in so much pain, when there is nothing you can do to stop the sickness, when you want to give them so much love….there is always art.  with this piece, made with so much intention, I am sending love and blessings to the recipient. may it give her some peace and remind her that she is surrounded by love, she is loved, she is love….

made with love


time for new calendars

As we draw towards the end of another amazing year, it is time for me to get my 2015 poster calendars ready for you!  They make great holiday gifts — just roll up, tie with ribbon, and pass along with your love and best wishes for the coming year.  

My calendars are big and bold (12 x 18 inches) and printed locally on 100% recycled paper (good for you AND the earth) and are available in my etsy shop, at Artzi Stuff in downtown Nanaimo, or at the Pier Gallery Christmas Sale here on Gabriola on December 13 and 14th.  Or contact me directly to place an order (I offer bulk discounts so let me know if you want a bunch).

Which one do you like the best?  Perhaps you cannot decide….if so, just get a couple and make sure both your home and office have a fun calendar on the wall.


and introducing a slightly different style for the new year (with the help of some cheeky oystercatchers)….


Here’s hoping 2015 is full of happy days for you and yours!

P.S. which is your favourite 2015 design?