for the BEES!

The spring sunshine is finally bringing us some heat and everything is growing so lush and green right now.  Flowers all seem to be blooming at once and amongst the bright petals I can hear happy buzzing — it seems the bees are just as happy as we are to finally feel proof that winter is over!  Even though spring seems to have only just begun, somehow summer seems to be nearly here.  Today we went swimming in the sea (first dip of the year!) and later I enjoyed a lazy tea on my deck, damselflies and dragonflies zooming all around.  For dinner we enjoyed a BBQ (on the deck again!) with baby birds chirping in the birdhouse above our heads and hummingbirds keeping us company.  It really does feel like summer….a trick, I know, as June is quite often cool and wet on our island.  But today I am am enjoying this little gift of sunshine!  One can almost forget that tomorrow we all have school and work to return to….

….and meanwhile, while we are working away, so are the bees!  I finished this piece this week in their honour!  Words taken from a vintage children’s book of poems seem to fit the mood, don’t you think?

gathering roses

You can see this wee piece in person at a SWEET group art show here on Gabriola Island.  FOR THE BEES is on display now until June 17th at  Hive Emporium.  Why not stop by and take a moment to see how we have been inspired to pay tribute to these important animals?

one more float in the sea

The girls and I begin our journey to France tomorrow!!!!! So of course today I spent most of my day in frantic preparation for our trip.  But just when I thought I could not go on, I took a pause from the lists and the piles and the packing.  The sea was calling and I grabbed a towel and our new point-and-shoot camera (waterproof) and headed for a blissful and refreshing swim at the beach down the road.  Perfect!  I floated around in the healing waters and played on the tiny beach that the Blue Moon high tide had left for me.

By the time I left I was laughing out loud and ready to continue with the packing!  I will miss this incredible island, but I will swap the sea for the Alps knowing that new adventures and pleasures await me….and content with the knowledge that this sun-kissed mermaid will be home again before she knows it!