on this day…royalty reigns

On this day, one year ago, we were visiting Versailles and walking through the palace and gardens of royalty from days gone by.  On this day, 14 years ago, our puppy Luna was born.  On this day, today, we treat her as the queen she is with homemade dog treats to snack on while she reclines on our (new to us) royal couch.  Seems fitting that today was also a day to finish a painting complete with party flags and the words “WE ARE SO GOOD TOGETHER”!  Yes…YES, we are!!  P.S. I just noticed one of the floors at Versailles is very much the same as the floors our fancy couch sit on.  This day is certainly a regal one!  Now if only my kitchen table looked like this one….Ah well, at least I have my very own Prince Charming (and three sweet princesses)!

so good togetherparty in the gardens awaits.....hide and go seek in the garden mazesposerclassic beautiesroom to run in swirls!princessesbirthday candles for Lunacheckered floorour own checkered floor and royal  coucha royal day!look what card came in the mail thsi week a royal treata fancy tablemy prince charming

Tartine in a Thunderstorm


After two weeks of holiday magic here in the French Alps, my hubby (aka tech support) has arrived to join the girls and I.  Of course we are happy to have him join us but I am also pleased that with his help I can finally post here on my blog and share some of the adventures with you.

After two weeks of sunshine, we had an evening thunderstorm that made our dinner on the deck extra memorable.  The girls were already excited as they knew it was Sunday and time for a fantastic weekly dinner tradition that our French family is sharing with us.  They have TARTINE for dinner that night so noone has to cook.  Dimitri‘s uncle remembers that weekly dinner as a chance for his mother to have a well deserved night off from cooking (she had 9 kids!).

Tartine means “to spread”, as in spread on bread.  It usually involves baguette topped with butter, jam or cheese and there are always large bowls of tea or hot chocolate to dip your tartine in or to wash it down with.  You can imagine that the kids are definitely big fans of this simple meal.

This week our Tartine Dinner included my man (and some whole grain bread imported from our bakery), some homemade blackberry jam from another French uncle’s 70th birthday fete, another jam fresh off the stove (plum and lavendar!), four kinds of local cheese, tomatoes fresh from our hosts’ garden, and an incredible lightning show.  The rain was coming down so hard at one point that we were taught a new French saying: “Il pleut comme une vache qui pisse!”….after reciting this useful phrase Raena decided it was more like 25 cows!  Indeed!  Alex was thrilled with each flash of lightning (see her pointing with delight?) and they were both very amazed with the intensity of the storm (and only a little nervous).  We don’t get storms OR dinners like this back home – what a treat!




Perhaps this Tartine tradition is a souvenir we can bring home to Canada with us!

one more float in the sea

The girls and I begin our journey to France tomorrow!!!!! So of course today I spent most of my day in frantic preparation for our trip.  But just when I thought I could not go on, I took a pause from the lists and the piles and the packing.  The sea was calling and I grabbed a towel and our new point-and-shoot camera (waterproof) and headed for a blissful and refreshing swim at the beach down the road.  Perfect!  I floated around in the healing waters and played on the tiny beach that the Blue Moon high tide had left for me.

By the time I left I was laughing out loud and ready to continue with the packing!  I will miss this incredible island, but I will swap the sea for the Alps knowing that new adventures and pleasures await me….and content with the knowledge that this sun-kissed mermaid will be home again before she knows it!


thrifting wishes for France

Look what I discovered today (during a random etsy search, oh I love those!)….there is a Pyrex equivalent made in France (known as Acropal) !!!  (photo credit to Vintagebananas).

Arcopal casserole ovenproof vintage salad bowl midcentury

Now I have another item to add to the thrift shop, flea market wish list for France!  Did I mention that we are going to France?  The girls and I leave in a week and I am starting to spin with anticipation (and flea market dreaming)….hoping to find a fancy tea cup, a gorgeous serving tray, beautiful vintage table cloths, gently used linen tea towels (to upcycle and to use), a map of old Paris (to frame), some original art (of course), stationary (vintage postcards are calling to me, maybe an old book or two), perhaps a doll for the girls and some little surprises too…..all Raena wants is a beret and I bet we could find them both some fun costume jewellery!

My French thrift shopping has already begun (and I have not even ordered any of the Acropal from etsy…yet!).  I recently found a few old Paris wall plaques at our local thrift shop (locals will understand when I say “SCORE at the GIRO!”).  LOVE!  Soon I will be strolling these very same streets and making pen and ink magic of my own.  Did I mention that we will be staying a 15 minute walk away from the Notre Dame?!

And, oh!, as much as I want to buy this old case for packing my travelling art supplies in, I think had better save my cash for vintage treasures when I get there.  Who knows, maybe I will find a little old train case to bring all my art supplies (and wee paintings) back home in!!  Photo credit to forgottenPLUM on etsy.

This reminds me, I better start thinking about packing…not too much stuff mind you, there has to be room in the suitcases to bring all our vintage French treasures home!!!