on this day…royalty reigns

On this day, one year ago, we were visiting Versailles and walking through the palace and gardens of royalty from days gone by.  On this day, 14 years ago, our puppy Luna was born.  On this day, today, we treat her as the queen she is with homemade dog treats to snack on while she reclines on our (new to us) royal couch.  Seems fitting that today was also a day to finish a painting complete with party flags and the words “WE ARE SO GOOD TOGETHER”!  Yes…YES, we are!!  P.S. I just noticed one of the floors at Versailles is very much the same as the floors our fancy couch sit on.  This day is certainly a regal one!  Now if only my kitchen table looked like this one….Ah well, at least I have my very own Prince Charming (and three sweet princesses)!

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