spring is in the air

Last week our family went on a working holiday to Victoria (Dimitri was doing training for the Fire Department and we were going along to play).  What a treat to see the cherry trees in full bloom and sunny blue skies every day!  Some afternoons it even warmed up enough for bare toes and t-shirts on the beach!  Oh I needed that…five days of relaxing and being goofy, away from the responsibilities of home and work.  Time to lollygag and time connecting with friends.  Un-rushed cups of tea, girls napping in sunbeams with cat kisses, shopping for new clothes (the kids were spoiled by their Auntie at Abra-Kid-Abra and I spoiled myself at Smoking Lily….oh how I love my new duds – some groovy organic tees, the chic octopus backed cardigan, and the incredible CeCe dress too), gourmet dinners on the town (thank you Karen and Dennis), beach walks every day, putt-putt boat adventures with seals and gelato, hotel pool mermaids splashing with huge smiles, even a beach picnic dinner (so lovely dear Gina).  To add to the perfection. we capped off the visit with a cheesecake lunch — I think that might have been the best cheesecake I have ever had! For those that know me and how much I love cheesecake, you are probably trying to figure out how to get an invite to my friend Karen’s table right now!

We definitely kicked off spring a bit early (as I think they always do in Victoria) and so enjoyed our “southern” holiday!  Now we are home to the rain and a fire in our woodstove, but those tree frogs are singing LOUD and reminding me that spring is coming soon to our little island too.  I am so grateful for this time of year that brings with it so much energy for new growth.  It is a particularly creative time for me and so I hope to have some actual TIME to be creative during the coming weeks.  Here’s hoping you will also enjoy the magic of SPRING!

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beach log game20140312_4657120140313_46686

full colour felting

Needle felting is addictive – I have even started doing it on my lunch break with co-workers at the office!  The kids are happy to work quietly on their felting projects, turning local wool into ornaments, treasure pouches, lucky pocket talismans and little creatures of all description! All this busy felting means we are running low on some roving colours.  Lucky for me, my friend at Fiddlehead Farm is right around the corner with a rainbow of wool from her generous sheep. And lucky for us, there is a sheep named Margaret whose natural wool colour is the perfect shade for the reindeer and tree trunks my girls have been envisioning!

I cannot show you the finished products (they are all surprises after all), but I can tell you that Pinterest is a great source for needle felting ideas and that kids do not need any inspiration at all…they amaze me with the designs their little fingers create!

What holiday crafts are your fingers busy with these days?

crafting with friends

We have kicked off the holiday crafting! And in the best way – with a weekend sleepover of crafting with some dear friends (4 girls, 2 mamas and one helpful dad = craft central)!  I cannot share photos of our secret gift projects, but I can tell you this – crafting with friends is a lot of fun and can be very productive (with time left over for feasts, pillow fights, treasure hunts and a musical)!  I have three gifts for my girls well under way, Alex made something sweet for her big sister, gifts for the cousins are started and we have kicked off a needle-felting frenzy that will make many people happy!  SO HAPPY!  Best illustrated by these wet-felted beads that Raena decided to teach herself how to make….

Hope you are finding time for some happy crafting too!