moon rising

moon rise tales of the ancient mariner

NOW that was a GREAT NIGHT!  A giant moon lit the way and stars sparkled alongside us sparkling artists and friends (one of my dates for the night was my amazing artist friend Tina Lynch)!  The grid of lovely art at the LOVE SQUARED show was GORGEOUS and the vibe was so very very good!  I was so HAPPY to be a part of it all and so proud of my little square of love being hung on the wall with all these incredible artists (right next to paintings by Tammy Hudgeon and Tina Lynch and Melinda Wilde…kitty corner to works by Sheila Norgate and Mia Tremblay!).  Then a bunch of us ladies went to a community dance (I picked up my eldest daughter on the way) and boy did we ever SHINE on that dance floor!

Hope you get some time to sparkle this weekend too….may I advise a little warm up at Sheila Norgate’s Keep Calm and Carry on Gallery where you can see this painting of mine shining in a room lit up by so much LOVE!

we are so good together

valentines to go by OWL POST

My hubby has been reading the Harry Potter series to my girls since October.  They are completely enchanted by this world of magic and cannot get enough of it….”Can you read now Dadda!?” is the most common request around here nowadays!  They are on the sixth book right now and loving every moment.  I am a bit surprised that my 7 year old is not finding parts of it scary, but she insists it is fine and the only issue she has is that she has to stop Dimitri every once in awhile for a word definition.  I love to see them enjoying this world with their dad and am thrilled to see him reading to them with such enthusiasm (sometimes for hours at a time!).

They are reading together on the couch right now, Harry Potter snuggles by the fire.  This is something I know they will remember for always.  Perhaps that is why I decided to make owl Valentine’s this year?  Maybe I was inspired by all the talk of receiving a letter or card in the Owl Post?  Was the universe helping me along in this direction when a random online search for Valentine’s printables led me to this collection of owl cards?  How perfect!

owl valentines from a fanciful twist

On Friday morning, I will tuck these cards into the wings of the handmade owl stuffies my dear friend Jane made for the girls.  When they wake up they will see that they have some OWL POST waiting for them (and it will be full of my love!).


heart art (a.k.a. painting with heART)

As I prepare for the upcoming LOVE SQUARED show it seems I am inspired to include hearts in every painting project I have on the go.  Here is the latest, in my favourite mermaid coulours.  This mini painting is on a 3 x 4 inch cradled wood panel, free standing so you can pop it on a night table or a bookshelf (just like this other one I have in my Etsy shop).  If you have a Valentine who might like this little piece of heART, let me know.  On sale direct from me for $25.  Let your love message last longer than the chocolate this year (but make sure you also include the chocolate)!

love mermaid colours

circle of love

Thirteen years ago today we made it official with a beautiful ceremony by the sea!  Saying our vows on a rocky point where we first went SCUBA diving together, surrounded by our dear friends and family.  Today, once the kids are in bed, we celebrate simply with a snuggle and some cherry topped ice cream — grateful is the word that comes to mind. Grateful for the time we have shared, for the adventures along the way, and most of all for our incredible girls.  Extra thankful that our youngest is home from hospital today (oh those broken arms can be more difficult than I thought).  Together today, with messages of love and best wishes coming from all our friends and family to help Alex heal, to help us cope. We are ever blessed by the circle of love that has surrounded us from that magic day when we said “I do” by the sea, when we asked all present to support and help us along the way.  I am so grateful, we are so blessed.