horses run deep

It has been ages, years, perhaps more than a decade since I last rode a horse.  Today I am walking about with sore leg muscles and a big smile, happy after getting back in the saddle again! A big shout out to my “baby” sister for sharing her experience and love of horses with my girls…..and with ME!

Thanks also to Annie (shown above, photo by my sister Allie) for carrying us into another world.  A equine world that is in my bones.  With horses I am carried back to my childhood, where dreams and stories of horses were a big part of me…where a visit to my Granny meant playing in the barn and riding on her horses, dreams coming alive. Not sure if there are any photos of this time to share with you, but I do have such a beautiful collection of images in my mind.  Here is my Granny Marion, with Beauty, in 1944 when her young dreams must have been so BIG.  I spoke with her on the phone last night and told her all about our riding visit and she sounded so pleased!

When I came home from our afternoon at the barn, I found this next photo in a recently unearthed box of old family photos from my other grandmother.   It was right on the top of a pile of portraits, a fitting reminder that horses are indeed in my bones!  How about you? Are horses a part of your story too?



summer stillness

sometimes I feel like it is all going by a bit too quickly, oh how I want to linger in the magic moments of summer stillness…

as the days of summer fly by, I am going to try to slow down and enjoy the moments.  I am going to stop hurrying so much, I am going to savour the gift of time to just be with my sweet girls, I am going to let them set the pace.  the same lesson, the same gift is so beautifully captured in this mothers’ story - a gentle and powerful message for each of us. xox

circle of love

Thirteen years ago today we made it official with a beautiful ceremony by the sea!  Saying our vows on a rocky point where we first went SCUBA diving together, surrounded by our dear friends and family.  Today, once the kids are in bed, we celebrate simply with a snuggle and some cherry topped ice cream — grateful is the word that comes to mind. Grateful for the time we have shared, for the adventures along the way, and most of all for our incredible girls.  Extra thankful that our youngest is home from hospital today (oh those broken arms can be more difficult than I thought).  Together today, with messages of love and best wishes coming from all our friends and family to help Alex heal, to help us cope. We are ever blessed by the circle of love that has surrounded us from that magic day when we said “I do” by the sea, when we asked all present to support and help us along the way.  I am so grateful, we are so blessed.