harvest time

Oh I love this time of year, when the local harvest is in full swing (and my tummy is full of the goodness).  Here’s a few photos of the bounty we are enjoying right now….peas from our neighbourfreshly delivered from the okanaganflowers from Mamie's gardenlettuce from our gardencherries direct from the okanaganpie makers....celebrating the harvest with a pie partywe celebrated the harvest with a pie party

We celebrated the harvest with a pie party! Hope you are also enjoying all the local, organic food! Now if only Dimitri could catch a salmon (or two)…

flowers from Jane's garden

All the bounty is inspiring this painting (in progress)….and so many fruit crumbles (peach and blackberry yesterday, apple and blackberry the day before).  Those were eaten before any photos could be taken.  We love the REBAR recipe here.

feast on fruits and cakes in progress


summer stillness

sometimes I feel like it is all going by a bit too quickly, oh how I want to linger in the magic moments of summer stillness…

as the days of summer fly by, I am going to try to slow down and enjoy the moments.  I am going to stop hurrying so much, I am going to savour the gift of time to just be with my sweet girls, I am going to let them set the pace.  the same lesson, the same gift is so beautifully captured in this mothers’ story - a gentle and powerful message for each of us. xox