moon rising

moon rise tales of the ancient mariner

NOW that was a GREAT NIGHT!  A giant moon lit the way and stars sparkled alongside us sparkling artists and friends (one of my dates for the night was my amazing artist friend Tina Lynch)!  The grid of lovely art at the LOVE SQUARED show was GORGEOUS and the vibe was so very very good!  I was so HAPPY to be a part of it all and so proud of my little square of love being hung on the wall with all these incredible artists (right next to paintings by Tammy Hudgeon and Tina Lynch and Melinda Wilde…kitty corner to works by Sheila Norgate and Mia Tremblay!).  Then a bunch of us ladies went to a community dance (I picked up my eldest daughter on the way) and boy did we ever SHINE on that dance floor!

Hope you get some time to sparkle this weekend too….may I advise a little warm up at Sheila Norgate’s Keep Calm and Carry on Gallery where you can see this painting of mine shining in a room lit up by so much LOVE!

we are so good together


I did it! I finished my painting for this weekend’s group art show…. LOVE SQUARED!

love squared

Now all I have to do is look forward to the amazing art that I will see this weekend.  You can too!  Hope to see you there — drop by and feel the LOVE!

I am so amazed that my art will be hanging on the walls of Sheila Norgate’s KEEP CALM and CARRY ON Gallery, surrounded by the incredible creations of so many talented artists!