beach school

What does the first week of home schooling look like for us?  This year it looked like this……leaping into the first week of  unschool - teaching Lucky some dance movesperfect perchbreaking in the new Nature Journalsince our kite is broken, she made her own!she draws sea stars by the seashoremore sand arta little sea anemone, a little biology lessondo training timehappy toes in the sanddancetelling me storiesbest buds

Most days last week you would have found us at the beach….I took my camera with me to capture some of the magic.  As you can see, the beach is perfect for learning.  This visit included dance, writing, art, kite flying (when your kite is broken, make one with your coat), dog training, story telling, marine biology, snuggles and so much JOY!  On the way home we even planned a new activity for this year’s learning plan and she started working on it right after lunch using photos from this very day (a playful scrapbook, all design and word choices are hers and I love to see how she is getting the vintage typewriter to help her out).

I love homeschooling, especially on magic days such as these.  I love September, especially when the sun shines like it has been.  There is a crispness in the air and a newness in our schedules that makes the coming season seem so full of possibility. Hope you too are enjoying this beauty-full time of year!

P.S. In case you are wondering where we were, this was Whalebone Beach.  Of course she decided it needed a whale….

whale spotted at whalebone beach

making truth cards

Here’s a peek at something I love to do — make “truth cards” (AKA doodle cards, art cards, inspiration cards).  With only a little bit of time and no rules, you too can make little pieces of art that make a big statement!  Start with scraps of watercolour paper (or tear up your cereal boxes) & some paint (or crayon, markers, pastels)….add a cup of tea, some glitter glue and a typewriter (or your favourite pen), get your hubby to put on some good tunes….you will make MAGIC!   One of my latest cards was inspired by Florence and the Machine’s “Never Let Me Go”….the ocean reference in the song speaks to me and that, combined with the live plankton we checked out with microscopes at our Oceans Day event, made for a very playful little card. I love capturing my favourite quotes or a special moments on these wee cards.  I gift them, I pop them in the mail, I prop them on every table top in the house, and washi tape helps them live on the walls.

What fun, fast art project ideas are you loving these days?  Feel free to share your ideas in the comments for all to see (and try)!