sisters at the seashore

I have been finding snippets of time to for quick painting and collages lately. Often with friends or the kids, these sessions are casual and playful and so good for me!  Here is the latest, a celebration of this amazing summer of swimming.  Which, by the way, is apparently not over! The girls and I are planning a picnic lunch and swim at the beach today. Our life is full of giggles and splashes and leaping by the seashore and I am so very grateful!

Don’t you love how her feet are not even touching the ground! I love to watch them FLY!

P.S.  If you have not discovered the wonders of washi tape yet, I highly recommend it….for collage, for sticking notes and art up on the walls, for taping a favourite photo in your journal, for labelling glasses at a party and apparently so much more!  I got mine on Etsy at PrettyTape and it might be time for another order – check this set out:

Japanese Lily of the Valley Washi Tape Aqua Blue, Bright Yellow masking tapes - Set of 3 PrettyTape




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