celebrating world oceans day

Today is World Ocean Day and people all over the planet are celebrating and honouring the ocean that we love and rely upon!  I just spent the evening helping set up tables and tents for the community event happening on my little green island tomorrow.  Surrounded by a dozen excited volunteers, passing off a plankton net to a keen young university student, sunset on sparkling sea, feeling so grateful for all the love and energy going into this growing annual event! I hope you will take time today, this week, this month, and every day….to celebrate and protect your ocean!

created by The Ocean Project intern Gianna Pergamo

Tomorrow Gabriola Island will be putting on a great ocean show and we hope you can join the fun!  Ride the Community Shuttle for free to reduce your ecological footprint.  Look at, learn about and touch live ocean creatures from the deep.  Join in some ocean arts and crafts. Learn about organizations that are helping protect our watery world (and find out how to get involved).  Look at live plankton under a microscope.  Try out ocean kayaking.  Learn about safe shellfish harvesting, eelgrass, seaweed, forage fish, boat safety and more.  Bring a picnic and stay for the afternoon.  The event runs from 12-4 pm and everyone is invited!  My daughters will be volunteering at the touch tanks again — come on down and hear their ocean critter stories!

photo taken by Josee Velsen

P.S. Yesterday I organized the annual Oceans Day staff beach clean-up for DFO staff in Nanaimo.  We had so much fun making a difference (and stretching our legs and breathing in the fresh sea air).  I hope you might also consider planning a similar effort with your colleagues and families.  This year the World Ocean Day theme is “Together we have the power to protect the ocean”. Let’s all find ways to get together on this very important worldwide effort!  For more details on how to join a local event or to plan your own for next year, visit www.worldoceansday.org .

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