happy world oceans day

Oh how lucky I am to live by the sea…and World Oceans Day is the perfect day to celebrate being here.  After a week full of Oceans Day events (an incredible community celebration on Gabriola, photos to come….and a beach field trip with a Grade 6/7 class of budding marine biologists), I was happy to have one more special way to honour this internationally important date on the actual date that it marks calendars all over the globe.

I started today enjoying a commute to work on a ferry in the sunshine.  Once at work I participated in a beach clean up with my coworkers (oh the smiles were so big, there is nothing like doing good works together to boost morale….they loved the prizes I raffled off, especially the cloth bags with my sea star painting and the notebooks I filled with cast off office paper). On the way home I stopped to sit at the shore under a giant fir with two eagles snuggled on their perch, looking out to sea & chittering away. After I finish this post, I am going to cap off the day reading my fave ocean blog.

How did you celebrate the ocean today?

8 thoughts on “happy world oceans day

  1. Wonderful Christy . . . your sea star with my favourite quote – it’s SO beautiful and inspiring! Do you have these as prints? I know someone who would like several! I so admire your drive to create marine education opportunities and how you marry your educational skill with your creative gifts.

    • oh thank YOU Jackie….so glad I can give some inspiration back to you, who inspires my whole mermaid self in so many ways!! Isn’t it fun to join education, science and art together? I have thought about prints, will look into it and let you know!!

      • Those bags are pretty awesome, too. Will you be puttin in your shop?
        Wonderful post ~ how lucky the earth is to have caring souls tending to her needs, and how lucky your girls are to have such a smart mama sharing her knowledge and passions!

  2. I saw your request for technical help over on Shaking the Tree. I just learned how to do a hyperlink in comments this morning. I think this will work for you.

    *Happy World Oceans day*

    Don’t use the asterisks on each end. I merely put them there to keep it from becoming a link. See if this works for you.

    Enjoyed your blog, especially the eagles. Now I’m going to post my comment and hope this works. ;)

  3. Hi Christy
    I LOVE that starfish shot! they’re all spectacular though. I think in order to sign in you need to have a Google account. At least that’s my understanding of it. I found you through Googling the link you left for me, and I’m happy you did that. Your blog is lovely. thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello, I truly appreciate that. happy week to you.

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