making Christmas cards

I love this time of year, the early days of preparing for the holidays when we have lots of ideas and lots of time to make them happen (or so we think).  The kids have already designed and created their linocut Christmas card designs and have been hand printing all week (wait til you see the neon pink!) and I have been getting the itch to make my own cards.  But I have lent the lino cutting stuff to another family and so I am trying my hand at something new.

Peace is something I have been yearning more and more for these days, on the Earth and in my heart.  After a week of bright moonlit skies, this image seems to call to me.   So I added some digital text to a painting that I think is perfect for sending holiday greetings from the west coast. Now I need your help in deciding which design I should get printed. Please tell me which one is your favourite…

peace on earth scriptpeace on earth scratchpeace on earth  lightpeace on earth card large peace

27 thoughts on “making Christmas cards

  1. I really like all the fonts, and prefer the placement of 1 & 3. I feel like in 1 & 3 the message encompasses all that’s in between the words, from sky to sea, 2 feels like land to sea. Really can’t decide between the fonts though, they’re all perfect! Beautiful work as usual Christy!

    • I am leaning to 4 right now too, but based on the feedback I am getting I may print a couple of the top choices and let those that order decide on a custom set! (how is that for avoiding a decision!)? thanks for stopping by Shelley!

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