dive DEEP

What do you do when there is a heat wave? Jump in the sea of course! ….and this is certainly a mermaid summer for me and my girls.  Speaking of the sea….here’s a little peek at a painting I did for my little sister in honour of her BIG 4-0.  It is called “Dive Deep” and captures a piece of the Tofino shores where she was born and spent her early childhood.  I feel like the fourties are a time when we truly dig deeper to find our true selves.  I included a big bright moon in this piece to help shine some light on my sister through this important journey.  May we all SHINE our own true light in the coming years.

dive deep

One thought on “dive DEEP

  1. That ! Christy is unequivocally my favourite of your works since we met … !!!
    I Like it ! And that could change with your next piece … “)
    I think what I like best is that you’re work is Honest
    Keep it going

    • SO glad you like it…..it is my new favourite too (I almost did not give it to my sister!!!!!)…..Thank you so much for your kind words of support! I feel honoured to get feedback like this from a fellow artist that I really respect!

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