creative blooming!

The birds are singing, the frogs are chirping, the days are getting longer and my creative self is waking up! I think perhaps these early spring days might carry a bit of magic for me.  I have heard that we all have a certain time of day and time of year that we are most inspired, I wonder if this might be my seasonal highlight?  I think that I often I feel this way after the long dreary winter starts to lift.  I think my response in the past has been to save up all my ideas and look forward to the summer when I have time off work and can more easily put the ideas into action.

I am beginning to realize this plan to wait has some serious flaws – the biggest being my desire to be outdoors (beach!!) with my kids and the visiting that fills up the summer days. So this time I am leaping into the creative FLOW that is filling me up — turning the bedside table on every 5 minutes to jot another painting idea in my sketchbook (sleep can come later!), doodling after dinner with my tea and my girls, throwing paint at canvases with so many ideas and no idea what will come next (JOY!), toting a basket full of watercolour pencils and related supplies on our beach trips “just in case”.  I am cleaning corners in my studio (short 15 minutes bursts, more fun, less daunting) and planning creating projects with friends.  I am absolutely LIT UP with inspiration and feel SO ALIVE!

Here’s a peek at some of the paintings blooming in my studio right now….what is inspiring you to blossom at this magical time of year?

P.S. I just checked on our flowering red currant – her new buds are just starting to colour.  Could this be where the pink layers came from during last night’s painting hit?

2 thoughts on “creative blooming!

  1. That pink is delicious! I am inspired by the chorusing frogs in our neighbourhood and all the birds singing their spring songs. Those little bursts of warm sunlight (however rare) are waking me up too…

    • Thanks for sharing your spring inspiration Shannon. Oh those touches of sunlight (sometimes with WARMTH) are magic indeed!

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