my heart place

These days I am trying more often to “go to my heart place”.  When stress is building and I want to yell and pull my hair out, I am sometimes able to avoid the storm by breathing deep, closing my eyes, and feeling the peace that is at my centre.  When I can do this (for I admit I am definitely not always able to rein in my temper), then I can feel the love and peace soothe me and can breathe into the next moment with a juicy shift of perspective.

The other day, needing a break, I took it one step farther and literally went to my heart place – the beach.  When I am by the sea I automatically breathe more deeply, worry less, see the beauty around me, and feel the peace that is deep inside my heart.  The shining sun revived the light deep inside and as I walked I found so many hearts.  It was like the universe was agreeing that this heart place of mine (at the beach and inside) is so very present.  Now, all I need to do is remember that for more of the moments in my busy and sometimes challenging days.

Sending you beach love and heart peace.  XO.


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