illustration friday —- W A T E R

Hello friends. I have just discovered Illustration Friday – a fantastic website that encourages creating and sharing art with the world.  Self described as “A super fun weekly artistic challenge”, it calls to me! The theme this week just happens to be W A T E R.  Fitting as the Autumn rains we have been waiting weeks for have finally arrived today!  I am happy for the salmon who soon will have flowing streams to spawn in and the gardens and trees that are soaking up the goodness of the water falling from the sky.  I can hear water pouring into our cistern and the cooler weather means a cozy fire to drink my tea and doodle by.   Here is a quick drawing I made today (a day “late” but somehow it feels right on time) —- I making a splash into Illustration Friday!  I do think I will come back for more.  Might you join the fun?

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