daisies were her favourite flowers

today is my mom’s birthday, and I so enjoyed remembering her and celebrating her with my girls…..painting daisies in the garden and eating fancy popcorn (her fave treat), oh how I wish she could have joined us in the sunshine. ┬ábut she really was there in spirit…and always will be. we love you Mom! look at how your grandaughters love to create magic just like you…

so fun having Kea join us (all the way from Australia)….check out how she painted A’s toes

if you look closely, I think you will see the daisies smiling too….

9 thoughts on “daisies were her favourite flowers

  1. The drawing in the sun and the resulting daisies are fantastic!!! I grew up in the Pacific northwest and enjoyed many summer days on my cousins farm…..so, so many daisy chains :) Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I have stumbled on yours a time or two as well! Let’s stay in touch. Happy summer to you.
    All the best,

    • a cousin with a farm, ideal! i so hope my children will remember these daisy chain, daisy painting days fondly too! i look forward to staying in touch with you too, thanks for the connection!!

  2. Awesomeness Christy!!! You’re mum had a huge smile on her face!!! I saw it reflecting in each of the daisies!

  3. What a lovely memory making time for your girls and you ~ paying tribute and sending love to your mother. That’s simply beautiful. I’m sorry that you’re mom is not with you today (I miss mine every day!) but we know they are all smiling down on us.

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