smells like strawberries

My hubby just came home from the Farmer’s Market in Nanaimo, he made it just in time to tuck the girls in, and as he leaned over to kiss Alex she said “mmmm, you smell like strawberries!”.  He came home with the first strawberries of the season (traded for our organic artisan bread) and the girls are planning their breakfast already and drifting off with declarations to “dream of dancing strawberries tonight!”.  I am hoping my fluey cold disappears by tomorrow, so we can try these roasted strawberry, brie and chocolate grilled sandwiches for dinner!


10 thoughts on “smells like strawberries

  1. Mmmmm…..strawberries, chocolate and brie? Decadent! And lovely produce from the Farmers Market. Can’t wait til we start seeing some here. Sooooooon. :)

  2. You MUST post a follow up! I’m dying to know how the sandwiches turn out…..I’m sure your organic artisan bread won’t hurt either……enjoy!!

    • oh dear, these fresh berries are too amazing to be grilled, the girls have eaten most of their sweetness already and we only have a handful left….we will have to wait until the next batch to try the sandwiches.

      until then, I content myself with the juice so sweet on my tongue and the refrain so sweet from my littlest “mama, do I smell like strawberries?!!”

    • we ended up eating all the sweet berries straight up, but soon, so soon, I will be trying that sandwich….mmmmmm

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