giving myself some kindness

How fitting that my art would be featured in a daily truth from the Brave Girls Club this week (if you have not yet joined the club, have a look and consider signing up for their inspirational daily truth emails)! On Thursday, while I was indulging in a tropical holiday with my man, I was the Little Birdie Featured Artist of the Day.  The daily truth my art adorned was all about being kind to yourself, letting yourself be happy.  And this past week I did just that, flying free of the responsibilities and tasks that can so often weigh me down, playing like a child again with free time, free choices, and such wonderful pampering.  Here’s a peek at some of my letting myself be happy in Mexico.

Now that I am back home, I will attempt to continue to pamper myself with small acts of kindness. It may not be as easy as letting myself enjoy a holiday in Mexico, but it will certainly be more affordable in the long term and thus, perhaps more sustainable.  And goodness knows, this is something I would like to make a habit of.

Here’s hoping you will also allow yourself just a bit more self-kindness.

P.S. if you need a little self-kindness reminder, this little painting is for sale in my shop.

7 thoughts on “giving myself some kindness

    • Trying hard to remember the easy JOY and simple happiness….and wondering what that snow was all about yesterday, hee hee!

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