more spring sewing

…and now, my girls are sleeping in fresh new spring style!  With the simple addition of a new pillowcase made with your favourite fabrics, you too can take their sweet dreams to a whole new level.  Why not give it a go?  The only downside is that they might get upset when they see the other custom pillow case you made for them in the dirty clothes.  As demanded by my little one “MOM! Why did you take my pillowcase?!”…..then she pulled back the covers as she scowled only to realize there was a new pillow waiting to surprise her.  Her face changed in an instant and a “Thank you Mama!” came tumbling out as she switched gears with with grace.  Too funny and now I won’t have to rush to wash and dry and change bedding all between morning and bedtime as demanded before (oh how she loves that original custom pillowcase made by my dear friend Gabrielle).


oh i love the wee wander fabric!

the original custom pillowcase that started it all  - made by my friend Gabrielle

I really encourage you to make some….they make such sweet gifts and are so easy to personalize for each unique person you are gifting.


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