tea by the sea with my girls

I love to take a thermos of tea to the sea.  Sometimes we take our tin cups and go scrambling over the rocks.  Lately we have taken our fancy cups and perched everything just so.  Enjoying the magic of the the sea with a bit more ceremony, a bit more lingering, a bit more magic….

 …..and in between cuppas (sometimes with cups in hand), there still seems to be plenty of scrambling over the rocks!  Besides, they do make the best perches for tea sipping in style.

I must go now, the kettle is ready for me to make this morning’s tea.  I would love to hear about your favourite tea rituals or recipes, so please drop in and share in the comments!

P.S. The skirt my eldest is wearing was made by moi….on my lunch breaks at the office!  A dear colleague of mine showed me how and now I want to make more….if you are also interested, check out this simple tutorial!  


6 thoughts on “tea by the sea with my girls

  1. Looks divine! Sipping tea right now, actually. I hope to do the same thing on one of the beaches (although probably in a thermos) in a few weeks during our annual trip to the island. It would be nice to see you again, but I also hope that perhaps I will miss you, and that you’ve made it to France for a well deserved holiday. Fingers crossed.

    • Thanks Tanya!!! If we are here, do let’s tea together! If we are not, then you will just have to have a swim and tea for us!

    • Always magic with my girls and the sea. Wish you were here to join us for a magic mermaid tea party….soon?!?!!

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