painting faces – a winning SMILE

Imagine my surprise when I was greeted with this news on the first day of spring:
Hello Christy,
You won the free spot in the Creative Kismet Expressions class!!

This gift came to me via a giveaway I entered on Jamie Bark’s blog  (thank you Jamie). You can read all about the giveaway here.  I also encourage you to check out Jamie’s incredible art!  The course is being offered by another very talented artist, Regina Lord.  I have a pendant and a wee painting of hers that inspire me and I am so very excited to be working (playing!) alongside her for the month of April in this Expressions mixed-media portrait painting e-course.   Maybe you want to join in too? Regina is generously offering my blog readers a discount on the class (use coupon code CHRISTYW for $15 off)!  We start April 1st (but private access to the class will be open until the end of the year).  If you have yet to try an online art class, you will be amazed at how fantastic they are.  I have done a few, each time learning so much, making new friends & working at my own pace.

expressions e-course

I don’t know about you, but painting/drawing faces does not come easily to me! In fact, it is something I go out of my way to avoid (large hats, umbrellas strategically placed, faces turned downwards… I know every trick in the book).  This class will certainly take me out of my comfort zone, but I just know it will lead me along this journey in such a juicy way and I am very excited!  Excited about painting the human face??!! Who knew I could feel this way?

I will keep you posted about my progress and try to share some regular posts of my facial creations.  Maybe soon I can paint some portraits of my girls with a bit more expression!

8 thoughts on “painting faces – a winning SMILE

  1. Good for you Christy – this sounds like a very cool course.
    I really love the painting of the girls at the beach!

    - Dad

    • thanks Dad! I really loved doing this painting too….it is tucked on the wall by the piano so you can take a look at the whole thing next time you are over….

    • oh thank you rachel, this painting means a lot to me as I tired to capture their wee-ness at the big-ness of the sea (actual painting has a lot more sky and sea, this is a close-up).
      so nice to have you coming for a visit dear one!

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