2013 calendars – still so many exciting days to come

So I am a bit late off the mark with my calendars this year, but hey, there really are so many days left to enjoy in 2013, better late than never!   I actually had not planned to make them this year, the winter crafting was in high gear and there was just not enough time. But then, right before Christmas I had some of last year’s customers asking for 2013 calendars.  Oh how that made me SMILE but there simply was not enough time to sneak it in.  To console them I reminded them that the page per month version I did last year includes January 2013 (most seemed unaware of this bonus page) and I promised that next year I will make another.  In the meantime, I decided to whip up a few year-at-a-glance poster calendars for 2013.  Thanks to my hubby for creating a beautiful template and a local print shop for zipping up my order, I now have some for sale in my etsy shop and at Artzi Stuff in downtown Nanaimo.  And I mean SALE….since these puppies are late, you can have them for a great price (just $7 for each 12 x 18 inch poster)!

Now our office wall has a fun new poster to help us plan the months to come!  I wonder, which 2013 design do you like the best? 


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