felted cup holders

OK, so of course I wish everyone (including myself) would always remember their reusable to-go mugs. But sometimes we need a paper cup and this project is not only FUN, but will at least help save the paper sleeves. It is small enough to tuck into your glove box or purse and warm enough to save your fingers (especially for tea drinker like me, herbal tea in a to go cup is a scalding experience).

Check out the one we made for my Dad — the girls needle-felted a motorcycle wheel, a mustache (idea from knitted one here) and flower on it for him.  I used this pattern.  I made it a bit wider on one side (perhaps an extra seam allowance) – shown on a small cup it fits nicely, if your giftee drinks large most of the time, you might want to make it wider still (but not longer, the length if anything could be shortened).  Since I was using wool felt (from Bear Dance Crafts) I did not use the interfacing and the thickness seemed fine.  We felted the mustache on upside down the first time, so make sure you have the wider side as your top edge (oops).  Play around with it and create a simple, personalized gift for the person who thinks they have everything!

8 thoughts on “felted cup holders

    • Rob, we are certainly elving in this house! Right now my elves are pounding candy canes to make peppermint bark….will have to post about that too.
      Merry Christmas to you guys too!

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