multiplying love

This morning I finished up some sweet little commissions full of BIG love!  The woman who ordered the two “amour” hearts had ordered from me before, having found me through a friend who had my art on her walls.  I had only conversed with this repeat customer (can I say “fan”?) over the email in the past.  This week I spoke with her on the phone for the first time and her love for my art came shining through the conversation!  When I asked if the paintings were special gifts, she replied that they were and added that she wished she could keep one.  In that moment, I knew I had to paint an extra one for her! I sneakily asked “Do you love these colours too?” and she replied that she did, she really loved turquoise!  Et voila, the love she ordered up multiplied — I will be including a little extra love just for her with her special order today.  Because hey, anyone that loves aqua as much as me deserves a turquoise heart!!!  Wouldn’t you agree?

How are you spreading your love this week?